Dan D. Rogers Elementary first opened in 1955, at a time when the surrounding neighborhoods were filled with families with younger children.

Rogers was very much a neighborhood school, but with an aging population in the surrounding area and few new, young families moving in over the years, fewer and fewer families in the surrounding neighborhoods had children to send to school.

Recently, however, with a dramatic increase in young families and an interest in public schooling, there has been a resurgence of interest in making Rogers a neighborhood elementary school.

Some particularly wonderful things have been happening at Rogers in the last few years, and it deserves a second look by families who had previously decided to send their children to private school.

An Award-winning School

Their principal, Ms. Lovato, was selected as the DISD principal of the year for 2016 and the school received all possible distinctions from the Texas Education Agency, one of only 17 DISD schools that received this honor.

“Earning all possible distinctions is a significant accomplishment and should signal to parents that there is extraordinary work taking place on that campus.”

                                                                                       – Commissioner of Education Mike Morath.

The school also recently won the national Golden Psi award, which is given to schools that demonstrate psychologically based practices that contribute to positive educational outcomes. They focus on social and emotional learning as well as academics to better prepare students for the future.

Personalized Learning Choice School

Two years ago, Dan D. Rogers Elementary School was awarded a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to become a Personalized Learning school (think of it as a high-tech, data-driven Montessori program). Students move through three stations within the classroom (around 5-7 students per station):

  1. Computer-Based Learning: students work on the computer based on the lessons they need to work on. If they’ve already mastered a lesson, they don’t have to keep working on it, they move on based on their pace.
  2. Teacher-Led Small Group:  students work with their teacher on various concepts, able to ask questions and get individualized help.
  3. Small Group Practice & Projects: students work together to accomplish tasks.

classroom setup

To learn more, watch this video about the Personalized Learning curriculum at Rogers or visit the Dan D. Rogers Elementary web site.

DISD has considered this implementation a success and announced rolling it out to other select schools in 2018-2019. Educators from all over come to visit to see Personalized Learning in action.

Continuous Improvements and Renovations

The school has been completed many renovations, including the implementation of a Real School Garden, an enhanced library, computer labs, continuous learning lab and more. Additional renovations planned for this year include an additional outdoor learning area and a new park, playground and blacktop.


Neighborhood Parents Have Great Things to Say about Rogers

From past Rogers ECPTA members, whose kids are now attending school at Rogers:

“Coming from a small private school we loved and where we could have stayed through 8th grade, it was not an easy choice to make to switch to DISD. I agonized for months. But by getting involved in the ECPTA last year, taking tours and doing a project at the school over the summer, it made the transition easier. I was worried it would be hard for the kids to leave familiar surroundings, but by the end of the 1st week of school, they were telling me how much they liked it. The teachers are outstanding, and Mrs. Lovato is a bold, caring leader. I love how they start promoting college in Pre-K. DDR has definitely exceeded my expectations and I’m proud to be an Eagle parent!”

— Victoria

“My child has had a great year at Dan D Rogers. He is learning so much this year! He always has a smile on his face after school and speaks so highly of his teachers and classmates. There are opportunities to volunteer and get involved at school. I am excited to be a volunteer and member of ECPTA. Ms. Lovato & her staff are great! How awesome is it that we have Principal of the Year?! Our school also has teacher of the year recipient and earned all distinctions. In addition, Rogers has academic teams and enrichment clubs. Lots of opportunities for our kids! Support Dan D. Rogers, our neighborhood school!”

— Gloria


Tell Your Friends and Neighbors!

Here are 9 Things You Didn’t Know About Dan D. Rogers Elementary School that you can download and share!